Design and Analysis, Inc. is dedicated to serving its customers in the most efficient and effective manner by utilizing the latest tools and technology. Below is a list of some of the technological advantages DNA presents.

Dell Computers: 
DNA has some of the newest technology offered by Dell in regards to computers and laptops.

CREO­­® (Pro/Engineer®): 
Using CREO (Pro/Engineer) and other CAD packages DNA has designed hundreds, if not thousands of parts for customers.
Pro/Mechanica® is one of the two FEA software packages used for Modal and Structural Analysis at Design and Analysis.

ANSYS 16.0:
The second FEA software package utilized by DNA, ANSYS 16.0, is 
regarded in the industry as the benchmark Finite Element Analysis software. DNA uses it for Modal, Structural, and Thermal analyses.
CNC Programming at DNA is completed through Pro/Manufacture®. DNA can program a wide variety of parts from simple plates with few holes to complex mold cavities.

DNA's CFDesign software is directly integrated into Pro/Engineer and iterative changes are quick and intuitive.

Along with computer software and program Design and Analysis, Inc. also has the ability to machine fabricate or outsource any part DNA designed.