"Over 125 Years of Experience"
Design and Analysis, Inc. has proven to be a very multifaceted company. When combined the staff at DNA has over 125 years of experience in designing and analyzing engine systems, parts, and other non-engine related systems.

More than a "Drafting House"
Design and Analysis, Inc. prides itself in being NOT solely a “drafting house.” DNA’s staff has experience in many branches of engineering design, drafting, analysis, and project management. Visit the Capabilities page to learn more about DNA’s many facets.

Multiple Industries Served
The company has worked within a wide variety of industries. Design and Analysis has worked for companies such as Cummins Engine Company, Lockheed-Martin Vehicle Systems, Waukesha Engine, Remy, Inc., Alcoa-Reynolds and many more. Visit the Customers page for a larger list of companies DNA has worked with.