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Design Engineering
Using Pro/Engineer and other CAD packages we have designed hundreds, if not thousands of parts for customers such as Cummins Engine Company, Lockheed-Martin Vehicle Systems, Waukesha Engine, Remy, Inc., Alcoa-Reynolds, etc. We pride ourselves on NOT being a “drafting house”, rather being a premier mechanical engineering firm.

3-D CAD Modeling
From the Design Engineering work, Pro/Engineer models (or other 3-D CAD models) are created to the CAD model architecture outlined by our customers. We have excellent modelers and our CAD models are robust and easily modified throughout their life cycle.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
We have two finite element packages in house. ANSYS 11.0 is regarded in the industry as the benchmark software. We use it for Modal, Structural, and Thermal analyses. In addition, we have Pro/Mechanica which is a Pro/Engineer product and is used for Modal and Structural analyses.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
DNA also has the capability to do a complete CFD analysis of any system that you might need analyzed. Our CFDesign software is directly integrated into Pro/Engineer and iterative changes are quick and intuitive.

Technical Reporting
DNA completes a comprehensive technical report for every analysis that we complete. We can use the customer’s formats in order that the customer can submit the report into the technical library system that they have.

DNA can continue the process by providing completed drawings of the parts that we design for your needs. These drawings are completed per ASME Y14.5M 1994.

Prototype Part Procurement
DNA can machine, fabricate, or outsource any part that we design. This allows the customer to provide a napkin sketch or description of the parts needed and DNA hands you your finished part solution.

Production Parts
DNA can provide low volume orders of the parts we design or of existing parts that you might wish to resource with us. 

System Build Up
DNA has experience in building up a complete system and testing that system. We have up fit engines with various systems from inline 6 cylinder pickup engines to 60 liter V-16 tug boat engines. We have also built a PLC controlled hydraulic press to remove bushings from several variations of a compressor housing.

Computer Numerically Controlled Programming (CNC)
Design and Analysis also has CNC programming capability. Pro/Manufacture is another Pro/Engineer software and is utilized for CNC programming. We can program anything from simple plates with a few holes to complex mold cavities with run times exceeding 24 hours. Most of these mold cavities have been set up with "picking" routines to eliminate the need for polishing